Starting the default playlist

In version 0.13.0-b2, I create a playlist, set the ID to start after turning on the power. It does not start. The playlist itself works perfectly. What am I doing wrong?

Confirmed. Seems like that’s a bug.

My error or the program, I can’t understand

A bug in wled.

It’s a pity that the error is in the code, I hope the developers will be able to fix it

Hmm, I just set up a lamp to do exactly this with no problems. Built from AC master about 10 days ago.

And everything works fine for you on version 0.13.0-b2?

Does your set-up include “Turn LEDs on at power on” checkmark and has boot brightness >0?

If these conditions are met, playlist should normally play at boot/power on.

You need that if a boot preset is set and it’s a playlist?

Yes. Playlists will not start if brightness is 0 or WLED turned off.