Use presets for other LED stripes

I have some questions regarding presets.

  1. I’ve used a 90 led stripe to save a lot of presets. Now I have a lot more led and if I change led settings to another led count, still only 90 light up using presets. What is the easiest way to change all my presets to another led length or is there even a way to use them with any length without changing more than the led settings?
  2. Can I export my presets to another persons WLED App?
  3. I’ve noticed, that I can access some kind of code in my presets. But this does not work for all presets. Why is that so?
    Thanks in advance for any info or help.
  1. select preset, expand preset, check “overwrite with state”, uncheck “include segment bounds”, save preset
  2. download presets.json from wled (ie. http://wled-ip/presets.json) then on new device open http://wled-ip/edit and upload previous file
  3. it is JSON data, not a code. check WLED-docs and look for JSON API

Thanks. That helps a lot :slightly_smiling_face: