Home Assistant and WLED Presets


I didn’t find it in official docs from HA site is there any way to call WLED preset (1-16) from HA? I see that this option (preset:) is listed in entity options but I can’t set or configure it.

Or this option is not yet fully integrated to HA?

I know that I can switch presets with rest command and HTTP API and right now I’m already using it but I want to try HA scenes in automation and it would be great that preset and playlist options would be available in HA integration. :slight_smile:


This is currently not yet available in the native API implementation in Home Assistant. But should become available in a future update (on the Home Assistant plug-in side), no time-frame is known at the point in time.

Thank you for information! :slight_smile:

To piggyback off this, say I have a preset that I like, and want to convert it into a hassio automation. Is there a convenient way to view/export the values stored in the preset?

Hi! To get the preset contents for using the JSON API, load the preset, navigate your browser to http://[WLED-IP]/json/state and then let the automation set that string (you can also remove properties from the JSON that are not part of the preset but that is not strictly required)