Call different presets from alexa

i programmed different (macros) presets. But i can only define one of them as ‘alexa on’ and one as ‘alexa off’ preset. Is it possible to get more?
My idea is to use different voice commands for different scenarios.
Now i had an idea. wled is integrated as hue. And the hue-colour-definitions in alexa are not all usefull (e.g. rose, lavendel, lachs). And now my question to @Aircoookie and all the other developers, would it be possible, to define a preset that can be called by a colour change. Thanks to the api-integration in presets this would open “new worlds” :wink:

I don’t know why I get an email about your post now, sorry for not getting back for the last 8 MONTHS :see_no_evil:

Seeing that this is still relevant, executing certain presets/macros when setting some “useless” colors could be a cool idea. Of course you kind of need to create a mental map as to which color corresponds to which preset, so it’s more of a workaround. What I would love most is a proper WLED Alexa skill that allows running presets in an intuitive way. The problem is that Amazon still doesn’t support that without a cloud infrastructure :frowning:
I’ll think about color-activated presets!

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That is the magic of the internet! :slight_smile: No, its because i edited this post today and included your name. :laughing:
thanks for your response!
a skill would be the best solution but i understand the cloud problem. normally a few presets would be enough and the useless colors are a thing I can good give up.

Did you get any further on this? When I tell Alexa to change color it changes one of the colors in the preset animation running.

It doesn’t clear or set the solid color. Is there a way to set something.