WLED / Node Red / Home Assistant

Good morning/afternoon. I have been using WLED with Node Red and Home Assistant for a long time. I have a flow that changes the WLED effect every couple of minutes. The flow has been working perfectly fine until recently. Now the function is no longer changing the preset as it was for the past 4 months. Below is the function I am using. Does anyone see any reason why this would stop working? I know the format is off but I am not sure what the proper way to post sample code is. Sorry about that.

context.preset = context.preset || 1 // initialize if not set
msg.payload = {
data: {
entity_id: ‘light.wled_my_office’,
preset: context.preset
context.preset++ // increment preset id by one
if (context.preset > 13) {
context.preset = 1 // reset preset to 0 if it’s larger than 12
return msg;

I suspect either your WLED install changed, or your flow was auto-updated to support the latest WLED firmware and your WLED is not running the latest WLED firmware, or some variation related to version differences.

please tell me, home assistant does not find WLED. What’s wrong?