WLED restarts while changing colors and effects

I have some RGBW LEDs controlled by WLED running on a NodeMCU (one of these: miniDEEZ-5 v1.1 – wantmoore.tech ) and right now I can control it pretty reliably to turn it on and off from Home Assistant, but when I try to use the web interface directly to the device it restarts and loads my “on power up preset”.

Sometimes, if I’m fast, I can make changes then close the browser tab, and it will stay on my new setting for an hour or so before resetting.

Alexa also connected to it and will turn them on or off, but half the time it tells me “device isn’t responding, please check its power and network connection”… even though it successfully turned them on or off.

I updated to the latest version, but am not sure if I should troubleshoot on the hardware side or the software side first.

I have 2 other WLED devices working fine without these issues. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Maybe it’s browning out. Is your wiring and power supply up to it?