Alexa doesn't know what wled is doing

I appreciate I’m using a beta here.

I have 6 devices running wled (all d1-minis most with relays)

Just before Christmas I upgraded 5 of them to 13.0 b6 and thought everything was OK (I’ll be honest I didn’t check alexa connection I normally use the app).

Today my kids have said that Alexa reports “xxxx light is not responding please check its network connection and power supply”. They normally use a button to turn their lights on/off and got amazon echos for Christmas.

I’ve checked today and their right 4/5 have issues.
I asked Alexa to a scan for devices and it found my TV lights (but that caused an issue of me then having 2 instances of the same device (I got round that)), the other have the issue I’ve described above. Thing is wled actually does turn on/off but Alexa doesn’t know.

Is this a known bug? Tomorrow I plan to re-install v as that didn’t have any problems (to my knowledge).

I’ve locked the ip on all my devices so they never change on my Unifi setup. It’s only since the update this has appeared… Android app works perfectly.

Thanks in advance