WLED - reboot in HA automation

short question: can I add reboot WLED and the end of HA automation?
problem: some of the leds stay on in random colors after the automation is triggered. rebooting turns them off.

Published that on the HA end as well

This may help…

Looks promising, but I’m not clever enough to implement it to HA…

I believe the JSON API might be easier to use from HA. You can send {"rb":true} to reset via JSON.

couldn’t agree more! :smiley:
but i think I’m not there yet so I could possibly do it on my own…

Do you have a WLED HA integration or plug-in working in your HA system?

I’ve got the integration.

If the WLED HA integration does not offer a restart / reboot option, you can refer to this: Forwarding a JSON through Home assistant - Third party integrations - Home Assistant Community

Man, I really appreciate your help (all of you) here, but this is beyond my understanding. I really wouldn’t know a first thing on how to approach this. Thanks.