Home assistant - Manual control does not override

HI everyone!
I am using WLED on a nodeMCU for the control of 2 strips behind a mirror.
I am trying to achieve a combination of app control (using Home Assistant) and RF control.

Independent both controls work flawless, but when combined there seems to be an issue.
If I turn off WLED using the remote, I cannot turn on using Home Assistant and visa versa.

When the lights are on, both seem to be able to correctly control the lights.
It seems like if one turned WLED off, the other does not sync and cannot override the “off” statement…
(If turned of by remote, GUI does not sync either, when manually syncing GUI turning on does still not work. GUI shows light as turned on, but nothing changes to WLED)
Really desperate :sweat_smile:

This is my setup:

  • RF remote with 8 buttons (7 to a specific color + 1 for Off)

  • Sonoff RF bridge with Tasmota

  • Node red Integration in Home assistant:
    I use Node Red to receive MQTT message about the received RF signal. Using a switch function determining which button was pressed and sending according command to WLED with the WLED node

  • Home assitant UI with Mushroom (via HACS) for a GUI control
    (Picture cannot be added due to new member…)

Anyone any idea?
If more info or code is needed, this can be provided as well :slight_smile:

Hi ,
I have tested IR remote with WLED and HA and the remote actions are reflected in HA and visa versa . Both way of control are working as expected if combined . You have a lot of steps which I cant replicate but you could try process of elimination for the other areas , Good luck

Thanks for your reply, I do not see how I can eliminate as as soon as I eliminate a part to checkif it might cause the issue, either app control or RF will stop working and I cannot test it :confused:
Any idea?

Not sure but might be first place to start is HA Logger , if needed you can run it in debug mode and look for clues . Just make sure you do not run it in debug permanently as it could fill your filesystem . I am suspecting NodeRed /MQTT but unfortunately not sure and do not have it setup to replicate your issue .

Ill try to do so!
Thanks for giving me an option to troubleshoot! :smiley:

np , if all fails or you are in rush then you could also try in HA forum , those guys could give you better answers