WLED Advent Calendar?

Hey everyone,

I was wondering if anyone had used WLED to make any kind of countdown/advent calendar. I am not sure how to implement but the functionality I am looking for is for WLED to increase or decrease the number of LEDs lit by x number of leds at the start of a new day. I use home assistant and node red to control many of my wled projects but can’t figure out how to get WLED to change the number of LEDs that are lit on the fly other than going into settings or via segments. Anyone have any ideas how I can accomplish this or has anyone done a similar project with wled? Like I said, I use home assistant and node red so the best way would be the json API but cant figure it out.


How about 24 different presets, each setup with the count you want.
Then use node-red to pick the preset needed based on the day of month.

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You can also use Percent effect with intensity between 0 and 100.

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