Help with sensor usage for reactive response

Hi there, im kinda new to all this wled and basic arduino work.

im doing a project where im making a sort of arcade machine. my idea was to have a sensor linked (i havent chosen one yet) so that when et registers something flying by it would make the lights go all crazy for the player to know they scored a point. the problem is i have absolute no understanding of how i should do this. ive even thought about the usage of a small speaker to even play some sounds but i dont think im quite capable of that either.

im using a esp32-wroom (link below)
heres a picture too:

is there anyway i could make this project a reality?

thank you…

Whatever sensor you choose, it needs to pull a GPIO line to ground to act like a normal button. Then you can assign a preset/playlist to run by setting the number to that input in Time & Macros.