Wled and Sensor guides?

Morning Lovely LEDders

Can anyone point me in the direction of using WLED with a sensor?

I have a wide range or Arduino and sensors available and i’ve got a few kilometers of pixel tape.

Ideally i would like to integrate a motion sensor, heat sensor or ultrasonic (distance?) sensor or something along those lines. But i am very much a beginner to Arduino so any guides i can follow would be great.

I’ve built a few things with Wled however i’ve always used the pre compiled versions. My only experience in compiling code (if i can call it that!) is editing my 3d printer firmware.

Thanks very much and any help and advice is super welcomed. If there is anyone in the UK thats needs any LED bits id be more than happy to send some for free as we end up with a ridiculous amount of pixel off cuts :slight_smile: