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Came across WLED by chance as I was looking for something to do with LED strips; the library is impressive and works a treat! @Aircoookie hat off to you Sir!

Wanting to now also find a use for the analog LED strips I had sitting around (not emitting much light), I spotted the compiler options and with just a bit of digging found the generic bin kindly provided by @tonyno; it saved me a ton of work getting the complete development environment setup.

My request for improvement: though I appreciate and understand the ever developing tech and that individually addressable strips are now the defacto standard, the number of questions I see outside of this forum on how to work with analog ones makes me think Iā€™m not the only one with metres of old analog. Would it be possible to include ESP32 and ESP8266 analog RGB(WW2) binaries with each release as a matter of course?


Hi! Awesome that you like WLED!

Alright, I believe it is a good idea to add an analog binary to the next release for ESP32 and ESP8266 respectively, for RGB as this is the most common. In the major update after the next one, I want to add a runtime configurable LED output so that there will only be a single binary for ESP8266 and ESP32 each :slight_smile:

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