Analog compile - how?

Hi there,
I’ve been playing with WLED a bit and absolutely love it and it’s easy integration with Home Assistant. I’m looking to see if i can also use it with my regular RGBW led strips in addition to the individual addressable strips. Found some mentions of a compile option for Analog support, but haven’t been able to find much in the documentation. Is there a guide out there at all for analog support?

Also, another wrench, my rgbw strips are 24v, so naturally not compatible with most esp8266 boards. I’ve picked up a H801 which i believe will do the job, but i do still need to solder on some header pins and try flashing it first.

Pretty sure I posted an analog bin here or in the chat.

Too many people confuse strip power with ESP power. Strip power can be 12 or 24, no matter. The data signals are 5v.

a strip using 5050 leds has a 24v (or12) supply, and seperate RGBW channels tied into common. the resistance on those channels dictates the brightness of that color. a full on strip is sending 24v down each of those channels. (i can easily power any color by attaching bench power supply to 24v line, and the common to any/all of the RGBW lines) there is no 5v data signal.

Crap. Yep. Was confusing this with some other people that have asked about the 12V addressable type.

I’m also looking for the analog bin file. I’m new to the WLED group. I’m not sure where the “here” is that you posted the bin file you have. Could you give me a link?

Much thanks!

It’s somewhere here in the forum. Search is failing me, though. :frowning:

Here’s one from chat…