Analog RGB Strip

Hello, I would like RGB Stripes with WLED. I’ve seen that you have to activate something in the source code. But what about the external wiring. Which fets are required or how are they connected?

there is a controller to buy where the WLED is to be spooled?

See here…

Hello, thanks for the info, I missed it.

Unfortunately there is no suitable controller for me.

Could you give me a circuit diagram with the control of the Fets for an RGB strip?

What do you need that’s not covered in one of those?

I want to build that in the video from the user MopheusDG.

this is the post at github

All products noted can do that (just driving the strip).

ok, but still I can’t do anything with the controller because I want to operate about 30-40m RGB strib. Can’t you tell me what the circuit looks like exactly?

I flashed the version “WLED_0.9.1_ESP8266” on a D1 mini. unfortunately I get to control the RGB strip.

which pins do I have to use on the D1 mini?

You need an analog build.

ok, i built and copied the code with vscode. but now the access point WLED-AP is no longer displayed. But “ESP-0D618E”

What should be done now?

I got it done. is it possible to switch the RGBW to RGB?

Hey Dennis, Can you share the compiled binary on this? I want to control RGBW Analog strip. Also can you provide me the information of MOFSET used for connecting with ESP32 ? Information on this would be helpful. :slight_smile:

hey @DennisXK Dennis can you please upload the bin file i tried to compile but get a lot of errors