Bin file for RGB 5050 non addressable lights

I know there is code for modifying the NpbWrapper.h file to make RGB 5050 non addressable strips work but I am unsure how to modify and recompile the files. I want to use this on an ESP8266. Could anyone help out with either identifying how to modify the file from the GitHub and making the bin file for the board or providing me a bin file already created?

Thank you,

I’ve built one before for use on a Shelly RGBW2. The LED pins are…

#define RPIN 12   //R pin for analog LED strip   
#define GPIN 15   //G pin for analog LED strip
#define BPIN 14   //B pin for analog LED strip
#define WPIN 4   //W pin for analog LED strip (W1: 14, W2: 04)

Let me know and I can put the bin somewhere.

I need a standard RGB configuration. I would be happy to try it if you could post it somewhere.

Try this. (310.9 KB)

Could you tell me which pins you have identified?

has anyone tried this on a d1mini?

i can not figure out how to build all i keep getting are errors… Ty very very much for uploading this bin! think you can do this for a esp8266 01?

What is your exact controller? A standard ESP-01 does not have enough pins for non-addressable RGB.

Sure it does… I have a bunch of them running espeasy and doing all kinds of things around the house… There is the regular gpio 0 2 then there is tx gpio 1 and rx is gpio 3… I have a bored i made with 4 mosfets on it and a esp8266-01 that has been running a rgb strip of about 30 leds and a white strip with about the same amount of lights for a few years. I have also built a autostart bored for my car with a esp8266-01 i love these little things!

Fair enough, forgot you could also use the serial pins! What pinout would you like? 1 red 2 green 3 blue?

Wow your awesome! This is the first time i have ever posted anything or ever really even said anything to anyone on line! It doesn’t matter the order lets just try and avoid gpio 0 lol… It would be even better if you could help me figure out why i cant build the bin myself… I want to try a bunch of different things…

Strip the paths down to make it readable, and post your error messages. Those error messages are butt-ugly with the prepended paths… :face_vomiting:
The error messages will usually help you figure out what went all pear-shaped in the compile, though I have to resort to a google search on occasion with weird errors.

edit: I just downloaded WLED and required libraries and built it here (Arduino 1.8.10, esp8266 git repo) and although it had an IMPRESSIVE number of warnings, it built and runs OK. I had to manually install me-no-dev’s two libraries from git as they don’t show up in the Arduino library manager.

Have it working!! If anyone needs a bin made let me know!!!

is it different from the bin I posted?

Yes it is I’m almost expert at creating bin’s now ive been trying to figure out how to out put to more then one pin i have 7 esp’s in one room! im also trying to figure out turn off the analog strip when I’m using hyperion then re enable… I see you all over this place tonyno lol and you know your shit… point me in the right direction homie…

Then post it up and state what pins, etc. :wink:

Different data to more than one pin? There is an alpha of that already.

I seen that and tried to build it a few times I’m going to redownload it and try again.