WS2801 on Mini D1 ESP32

Hi there.

I´m kinda new to this WLED thing, but I managed to get WLED flashed on a D1 Mini ESP32 board which looks like this:

Web interface is working, meaning I can connect to the board with the App or my computer.

Now I soldered some WS2801 LEDs to it, because I had them laying around and want to put them to good use.

I used the “WLED_0.10.2_ESP32_ledpin16.bin”, because the Pin layout confused me a little.

So CLK is going to GPIO16, DI ist going to RX, Power from a Wallplug USB Charger with 2,4A.

And here is my Problem now: The LEDs light up in white and that is it. I cant control them in any way, not via App or Web Interface. no color change, no effects, nothing.

When I enter the LED config, I can change the Number of LEDs connect (which are 20 right now) and after I pull the plug only the number of LEDs defined light up. But everything else doesn´t work.

Has anybody an advice for this?

Thanks in Advance

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You have to compile your own bin file in VScode with platformio with flag for WS2801. There is no precompiled bin file for your setup. I posted in discord bin file for similar setup. You can search in discord WLED channel.
I found it ESP32_WS2801_DI-16_CLK-4.bin (1.0 MB)


Wow, thank you. It is finally working!

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Are there any special requirements to compile bin for esp32 with ws2801 strip?
Provided bin works for me. When I attempt to compile 0.12 beta or the latest 0.11 leds are blinking and can’t be controlled.
The same compilation for apa102 works (with apa102 of course).

Thank you

Look at Platformio.ini file you will find there examples for your particular strip.

Well I have already did.
I have made some additional tests which may points to potential problem with the newest builds:

  1. 0.10.2 - one compiled by you and one compiled by myself (ws2801) works
  2. 0.11.x - compiled with the same way (ws2801 + esp32) - doesn’t work
  3. 0.12.x - as it allows strips and pin configuration should work with 2801 after selecting ws2801 in configuration. But it doesn’t

On top of that on 0.10.2 build where I can control ws2801 there is a problem that from time to time few leds are blinking in different colors.

No problems with apa102 strip

Could you please, come over to WLED discord channel? Discord is more dynamic and more people will be involved.

With the most recently posted .bin files for 0.12.x ß, you do not need to compile because you can set device type and output pin(s) from within WLED web interface now.

Are those the only reason(s) you wanted to build yourself?

If you have flickering LEDs on a strip, it usually means a strip problem, not a WLED problem. It’s either bad LEDs, or bad connection near a bend or power injection point, or needs a power injection point closer to those LEDs.

To test the power injection theory, reduce the brightness by 50%. If the LEDs still flicker, it’s most likely not a power injection problem. If the flickering stops, your power supply might be slightly underpowered. If you want to use the strip that does not flicker at lower brightness and not replace anything, you can lower the max brightness setting in WLED.

I hope this is of some use in troubleshooting LED strips and I hope I have not said something incorrect - entirely possible as I am not sitting here with an LED strip and WLED running to validate all these suggestions.


Thank you.
You are totally right for both.
Reason I asked is that ws2801 doesn’t work nor with recent betas (0.12.x) neither with 0.11.x. But works on 0.10.2. So to exclude compilation issue I have asked here. It is now confirmed that it is
software related. I opened issue on git hub.

Posted a reply suggesting for ESP32 to only use these pins for Dig Out: 2, 4, 12, 16-33

Checked with pin 2 and 16
The same wiring but with apa102 works perfectly

ws2801 was found to be broken, but should be fixed it beta 5.

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Nope it doesn’t work on b5 :[

Ah. It was fixed in Blazoncek’s branch.

Yes indeed - works!!!

Thank you

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Hi, I’ve got a question: Is there also a BIN File for this esp32 d1 mini board for WS2812b? And if yes, can u send me a link maybe and also tell me which port i have to use? I am also a noob in this and i would really appreciate some help. Thank you

Release WLED version 0.12.0 · Aircoookie/WLED · GitHub all bin files is here.

Hallo. Also ggf. stelle ich mich zu blöd an. Habe einen WEMOS D1 mini eben mit der WLED_0.12.0_ESP8266.bin geflashed und habe einen kurzen WS2801 Streifen angeschlossen… 5V und GRD ist klar. Der Data ist am D4 und Clock ist am D3.
In der Oberfäche stelle ich unter config => LED Einstellungen die LED Ausgänge auf WS2801. Die Farbreihenfolge erst mal auf RGB. Dateb Pin = 2 und Clk = 0. Ich schätze mal das hier die GPIOs gemeint sind. Aber nach der Speicherung sehe ich keine Farben gemäß Farbrad.

sorry can any one help me to wire with wb2812, where i can put data line IO4?