WS2801 and ESP32 (Dev Kit V1)

I have been watching the project for a while now but only now am I attempting to get some WS2801 LED’s (62) working. Unfortunately I am not having much success. I have configured the following on my device and besides a few random flashes on the first few led’s I can’t seem to control anything. My question is are the Pin assignments in for WLED the same as the GPIO assignments for ESP32? (Pin 2 = GPIO02 and Pin1 = GPIO01) and are there specific pins I “should” be using?

“Pins” in wled refer to GPIO pins.

That is where you can enter the pin numbers you want to use.

Ws2801 can be susceptible to clock speed.
If you are using anything below 0.13-b4 you may need to reduce the clock speed from 10MHz.
You can do that by editing bus_wrapper.h and reompiling.

I was using release 0.12.0 and thought it might be a level shifting problem (3.3v → 5v) so i added a level shifter and that did not solve my problem. I then installed 0.13-b4 and things started to work as expected.
Thanks for the support.

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