PWM Inputs?

Does anyone know if WLED can use separate PWM signals from a dumb RGB light to drive a strip of smart pixels? I have some ambient lighting that is simple/dumb RGB led’s, PWM on ground. I want to add more LED’s and I want to use smart pixels for this and be able to control them with WLED for effects, but then when not using the effects have the smart pixels act as dumb pixels and display the color and intensity the ambient lights are displaying.

just replace the controller for dumb pixels with WLED

Unfortunately that’s not an option. The ambient light are in a vehicle and controlled by the LIN bus. I was planning to take the RGB PWM from an existing LED module with the RGB led removed.

good luck then

Thanks, that’s helpful.

Why not just create a preset for the smart LEDs to match the dumb lighting and have that as your default one. When you want fancy Fx change them to whatever you desire. When done switch them back to the default preset.

Anyway WLed can take analogue input?

RGB PWM integrated via capacitors to generat proproritional voltages, read that to control pixel intensity.

It’s open source and supports relatively easily implementable usermods, so it can do just about anything you want if you code it.

An off-the-wall Rube Goldberg idea: use a server motor to read the PWM and turn it into a rotary position, and then use a rotary encoder to read it out.