Dumb pixels

I’m in NZ, best place for me to buy pixels is Aliexpress. .

There are plenty of ws2811 pixel string nodes… Anybody know how I find dumb ones.

Pretty sure these are dumb: 50 stücke DC 5 V/12 V 12mm F8 RGB Led pixel modul Licht IP68 wasserdichte RGB LED String|led pixel module|led pixelpixel module - AliExpress

I see no scenario where they would be preferrable to digital ones though. Maybe if you have a controller you want to continue using that only outputs 3 PWM signals (but in that case, make sure it can output enough current per channel!)

Thought it would be cheaper for dumb Led, but no

Nah, WS2811 is so mass-produced, it’ll be the cheapest you can get.