Can I use WS2811_400 LED Pixels?

Hi, I have just discovered WLED and it’s awesome!

A long while back, I managed to get hold of a load of LED pixel strings, which used the WS2811_400 setting in FastLED. They are individually addressable rather than in groups of 3, and are driven at 5 volts not 12. Each LED pixel has its own chip, but I can’t read what the chip is as it’s encased in protective hard silicone.

I tried connecting them up to a NodeMCU running the standard ESP8266 WLED binary, but all I got was a flash on one of the LEDs and nothing else.

I’ve tried looking around but can’t find out if I am able to run these with WLED? If there’s information somewhere please forgive my noob-ness and direct me to the right place, or if not can anyone let me know if it’s possible to use these, and whether I would need to download the source and change it?


I’m glad you like WLED :innocent:
It is possible to run your LEDs in WLED.
However, a custom compilation is necessary, changing line 145 of NpbWrapper.h to #define PIXELMETHOD NeoEsp8266Uart1400KbpsMethod. I’m looking into making that possible with the standard binary soon.

I’ve made a custom binary for you as well:

firmware.bin (628.1 KB)

Hi, thanks very much for the instructions, and thanks for making the binary too, much appreciated!