ESP32/WLED 0.11.1/24v LEDs

Hey guys, I’m using WLED on a bunch of 5v LEDs without issue. I was recently gifted a bunch of silicone embedded 24v with a 24v 22a power supply. I’m trying to figure out if I can use WLED as the controller for these guys too? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

As long as they are addressable. :wink: If not, you would need transistors to drive them.

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They are addressable for sure. However, upon connecting them up like my other LEDs, they only glow red. When adjusting the LED settings within WLED, you can see minor flickering or level shifting, but no controls work. On/off doesn’t work, color change doesn’t work, brightness doesn’t work. Any thoughts as to what might be the cause for this?

May be an unsupported chip. See if you can read a number.