How to change DMX_OUTPUT to TX port?

Hi Guys,

i’m currently playing with WLED and its wonderful so far :slightly_smiling_face:
I would really like to try out the DMX output.

What i want to achieve is DMX Output via channel TX (GPIO1).
I was following the instructions on the wiki page which says i can change the dmx pin in ESPDMX.cpp. I changed the pin to 1 there. That then leads to compilation problems.

I then found out that the dmx channel is hard coded in some settings and changed it to pin1 there to allow setting correct values via webinterface.

In the end i don’t get any output on pin 1.
Shouldn’t the Serial1 in ESPDMX.cpp be changed to Serial. when i want to use TX pin as dmx out? And wouldn’t that interrupt with WLEDS usage of Serial in other parts of the software?

Maybe someone did already have the same problem or can lead me into the right direction?


Just wanted to share my current diff to the WLED main branch where i tried out some things to get it compiled correctly. But doesn’t seem to work :frowning: