How to configure a macro to turn on/off wled in 0.13.0 beta

In earlier versions, I could write a macro to power on wled and play a sequence which would run at a certain time on certain days. I would follow that with a macro to power off wled to run a few hours later.

But since Presets, the macro page has changed. I can start a preset or playlist at a certain time but will that power wled on?.. and then, how do I power it off? The list of macros is missing in later versions.

So how would I configure TIME CONtROLLED PRESETS to:

  1. Turn on WLED at X time.
  2. Start Playlist 2 at y time
  3. Turn off WLED at Z time.

Do I have to make a preset which contains T=2 to toggle the power and use that preset number before and after the command to run a playlist? Are there examples of this in any of the wikis? If so I could not find it.

You use presets. You can store anything in a preset. Including power on or power off.

Easiest way to make a “Turnoff” preset:

  • Go into the Web GUI and hit the power button to turn off the strip.
  • Create a new preset and call it “Pwr-Off” (for eg.)
  • Save the preset.
    That’s it.

If you want to see what’s being saved as JSON data, go back into the preset and uncheck “Overwrite with State” then refresh the page. When you look in the preset you’ll see the API data that is saved including the power off command (and a whole bunch of other stuff).

You can experiment with that content as you wish, to add more or fewer items in the preset JSON.
Should get you started, and might add some flesh to what’s described in the documentation.

I experimented and finally created a preset called off
unchecked “overwrite with state”
typed “T=0” in text box
saved the preset