How to identify unknown led strip, is 12v or 5v?

I found a 144/m led strip in my parts box, and it is not labeled. There are 3 wire leads, I believe it is a ws2812b but I do not want to destroy it or something else testing with the wrong voltage.

Is there a method to figure out if this is a 5v or 12v led strip ?

Start with a 5V supply and see if anything lights.
You won’t hurt a 12V strip if you only apply 5V.

Post a pic of the strip, some one might be able to make out relevant details.

If you do end up trying 12V, I’d cut off a very short segment and try that. If they’re 5V LEDs, 12V will likely destroy them.

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Below is the unknwon led strip, I suspect is probably WS2812B

This next picture was taken from a recent eBay delivery, should be a ws2812b. Why they simply can not mark “5v” or “ws2812b” on there is anyone’s guess. I suppose the 50 middle men have to make up a new flashy brand name so that CVS can sell these for 10 times the cost.

Below is a strip sold to me, I ordered “APA102 12V”. It arrives in a bag labeled “APA102 12V SK9822 APA102-C SMD 5050 Symphony Controller T-1000s” (whatever that means is anyone’s guess). I was under the impression that APA102 only had 12v versions, but “Made in China” means anything is possible.

This strip was ordered as a “WS2815 12V”. For the first time, my led strips arrive and the voltage is marked and matches what I ordered. 4 leads is a good sign, and the wizards who print figure out how to mark the voltage. The chip itself looks amazingly like the one above it marked “APA102”.

APA LEDs have Clock and Data, not DI and BI. I’d guess those are WS2815B.

I am guessing APA107s is a new version for 5v. Having trouble finding apa102 strips, 12v with a picture of the led strip that does NOT say 5v with the same markings I have on the shady one sold to me.

After some more research, it seems the hd107 is a replacement for apa102. The apa102 are discontinued out of production. The HD107 or HD107S is the newest one, and faster. Seems the only way to identify is by using a 10x or greater scope magnification on the chip itself, since there’s no stamps or printing. Makes it easy for shady vendors to pass off new old stock.

I want to build a POV project with it, so the speed is necessary.