How to set up a PIR that only broadcasts its state over mqtt but does not control the leds

I’m running WLED 0.14.0-b5 on an ESP32 and a PIR is connected to GPIO13.
No usermods are installed.
MQTT is enabled and my PIR states are published to my MQTT broker.

Is there a way to configure WLED to not turn on/off the LEDs based on motion detection, but instead only publish the motion on/off states detected by the PIR sensor over MQTT?
I don’t want the PIR to directly control my LEDs.

I can’t find the documentation to set up the PIR correctly (hardware settings + preset settings), so any link to a good tutorial might help also.


Try enabling “Publish on button press” in MQTT settings and assign preset 0 to a button.
If that does not help, use PIR usermod.

What do you mean with “assign preset 0 to a button” ?

Hi could you please subscribe how you’ve got the motion sensor in the MQTT-topic? I enabled a button as PIR and configured the mqtt-broker correctly?!
Thank you in advance.