Button / PIR sensor, and MQTT to home assistant

Hello, I am a bit of a novice with wLed and my coding is a little rusty in my age. After a few tries, I finally get wLED to compile, upload and burn to a D1-MINI in the platform.io after a countless number of rebooting, deleting directories and starting over from scratch. My boards are linked to home assistant MQTT and work just as the tutorials I have read, without flaw.

What my goal is trying to add a simple 3-wire AM312 PIR sensor to the “button”, and have it report to home assistant MQTT independent of any onboard ESP8266 functions. I will use that as a trigger in home assistant, to decide to activate the strip LED for that board, or any other home assistant purpose.

So far it has been really frustrating. I spent hours playing with the web dialog, and getting lost reading user-mods. My firmware is stock without any user modifications, or special configured macro’s (I have yet to learn how to do). I do not see any entities in home assistant for the button, but the other 23 entities show up with useful information on the ssid, wifi strength, presets, etc… I can not tell if the button is being triggered, since I do not see anything on the wLED web dialog that says “BUTTON IS DOWN / BUTTON IS UP”. If anyone has advice how to debug that check my wiring make sure it is triggered, right pin, etc… it would be helpful.

My question is: What do I need to do, tutorial I need to read, function to learn - to report the PIR activation (or button press) to the MQTT service, and register that entity with home assistant?

Try this WLED-wemos-shield/WLED_0.14.0-b1_esp8266_PIRmod.bin at master · srg74/WLED-wemos-shield · GitHub