Hyperion and WLED

Hello I just learned about hyperion and installed it as an add-on onto my home assistant server. After doing that I ran some LEDs on my living room TV, flashed WLED into a wemos d1 mini and got the living room TV working great.

Now I want to add another strip of lights to my bedroom tv as well and also my computer monitor. Will I need a new hyperion server running for each WLED device to communicate with or can I use multiple WLED instances with 1 hyperion instance?

Main goal is the matched colors to the screens.

Just add another LED instance in Hyperion.

That’s all there is to it? Just add a new instance? Do I need to set up different ports or anything or just use the same ports I currently use for my living room TV setup?

I don’t think so. Have not done it, but I’ve seen it mentioned in the forums.