LED count setting for 12v WS2811 60LED/m with Hyperion. Advice please

Hi there,

I have WLED 13.3 being controlled by Hyperion-ng on Kodi and it works extremely well but after watching a recent video by Chris Maher, I saw him configure the LED count for a WS2811 at the chip count, not the LED count. Of course, I tested this right away and he was right. The LED Length should be set to the number of controllable LED’s (chips) and in the case of my WS2811 on the back of my TV, this went from 222 to 74.

So my question is, now that I’ve correctly set the LED Length in WLED for my strip, should I also adjust the LED count in Hyperion from 222 to 74?

Never used Hyperion myself, but from your description of the issue I would guess a “yes”.

The WS2811 chip is what does the decoding of the data stream from WLED. That chip takes the data for 1 “pixel’s worth” from the stream. You could wire up 1, 3, or 48 physical LED’s to that single chip and you’d still only be able to get 24 bits of RGB data for the bunch of attached LEDs. That’s “1” LED as far as WLED is concerned (and probably Hyperion as well)

The typical reason they bunch 3 (or more) LEDs on each RGB channel is to provide sufficient voltage drop to handle a 12V supply (or more).

Thanks. I suppose I can just try both and see what happens.