Wled 0.12, APA102 , not all led responding


I flashed wled to a nodemcu, connected a 7 leds strip CI to D3, DI to D4 and tested two configurations:
using usb wall adapter or 5V / 10A power supply connected to vin/gnd
I have the same result in both cases:
Only the first 5 led respond to color change. If in led setup in set 12 led instead of 7, all led respond the the demand.

Someone know why? Thank you

7 strips? How many LED per strip?

Sorry, juste one strip with 7 leds. Only for testing purpose

What is version of your firmware and where did you downloaded?

Thank you for replying, i loaded the latest stable version ( 0.12.0 ) a week a go.

Very strange. If settings is correct everything should work. Especially you have only 7 LEDs. Unless those LEDs is not true APA102 it very strange.

This is the first time i use wled, maybe i made an error in config… i will post screenshot of my config later.

I cannot say if i have true apa102 or apa102c. I drived the same leds with a raspberry pi zero and hyperion with no problems (the 7led strip is a spare strip before trying to replace my long cable between pi and my hyperion setup with wled config)