Getting APA102 working with NodeMCU

Hello everyone, chanced upon WLED when looking up ways to put my leftover apa102 strip to good use. Read a few tutorials online and thought I had it all figured out.

Got the nodeMCU and successfully flashed it with the latest WLED version and added it to my home network. However I couldn’t get the LED strip to work. I have both the strip & nodeMCU hooked to a 5v/2A power bank, clock and data is set to D3 (GPIO0) & D4 (GPIO2). There is no indication of anything on the strip. I connected the strip to my hyperion ambilight (RPI3) setup and verified that the strip does work.

The strip is 50 LED long (30 LED/M) and I am powering it from one end while clock & data are on the other end (as indicated by the arrow). Any indicator on what I am doing wrong would be appreciated. I am pretty new to this, so please go easy on me :slight_smile:

You used an APA build? All grounds connected?

yep, used the WLED_0.11.1_ESP8266_APA102 bin file. As far as ground is concerned I guess I have. Below is a crappy diagram of how I have connected them.


Looks like you have them backwards.

which part? The power supply or the clock & data?

Clock and data.

Thanks mate, that did it