WS2811 12V Strip settings for LED Count

If I am using 5Metres WS2811 12v (3 addressable led) strip do I need to config WLED as 150 LEDS
or 50 LEDS.

Also If I was to centre feed 2 x 2.5M of the same strip sending the data to both at the same time, would I need to set WLED as 25 LEDS or is it better to keep as 1 data and setup as segments.


That would be 50 LEDs.

You can’t “center feed” data to a strip.

Have to divide on 3 so it will be 50

Thanks for the replies. I did try centre feed for data though and it works just fine.

Then we are talking about different things. :wink:

Can you explain to me what you mean by centre feed? You mean injecting a parallel data connection to two different strips?

I made 2 window frames approx 2.4M, each with WS2811 strip mounted. I made up one control box with a node mcu and a buck converter (set to 5v) inside. I sent 12v into the buck to power the node mcu, and the power out into both window frames. I also split the data signal out to both frames.
The control box is mounted between the 2 frames so the effects spread away from the centre point at the same time, but obviously they always need to be the same effect.

I did this around a door. I setup 2 segments for each side of the door. Left / Right segments, both running the same effect / speed / intensity, but the right has mirror enabled and left does not. Works great.

Yes that will work. I’ve actively controlled 7 strands of 300 LEDs off one controller in parallel all running the identical effect.