I would like to display a custom image on my matrix display with wled on an esp32!

Hello community, I am new to this so please be patient lol. I have built a 20X20 matrix and I am using the wled app with ws2811 pixels and it is amazing as well as the community behind this. I am not a great programer yet but I hope to learn. I am wanting to find a solid easy way to add my custom pics, gifs, and ect. to my matrix set up. Has anyone found a good way to do this yet running Wled on esp32? I assume there will be more matrix features to come out soon in wled and I can’t wait! Thanks for reading and I appreciate any help you may have.

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xlights can send images. There is also this.


Thanks for the reply I did make a little progress in this. Still working on it but it’s a great starting point and was able to at lest talk the controller and make things happen.

Have i got a treat for you.!!!
I cant afford more panels at the moment but have become a ninja at Segment control.
This be 2 panels and cantering in the middle of the 2 and can still use “sides” if need too.

The resolution increases with more panels. id love a 32x32 or even 64x64…

Check my video

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Pixelart converter is now built into WLED. It does require custom compile ATM as it eats 8kB of flash.
Once installed it is accessible on: http://wled.local/pixart.htm

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Lol. It’s not in it if you have to Install it…

Either way it’s gotten to. It’s a cool toy.

I’ve maxed out my file system. Is there away to increase that space?