Wled Pixel art converter

Hi everyone.
Got a query.
Using pixel art converter in wled i find in can only store as a preset only a 16x16 image.

My full grid is 48x16…

So trying to create one that spans all 3 joined panels as one throws up json errors.

I initially thought it maybe due to the 2d configuration. So altered it from 1x3 to just 1 large one.
I.e all 3 panels a daisy chained so entered 48 x 16 as my “one” panel size .

Yet still jason errors.

Am i to understand that pixel art converter is limited to just 16x16?

Jest i know its possible to send from pac an image to the matrix and it will display im just nit avle to store it as a preset only 16x16…

Any advise on this would be appreciated.


You are testing with this tool ? GitHub - ajotanc/PixelMagicTool: It is a tool that converts any image into code in JSON WLED format, currently being tested on a 2D Matrix panel, soon I will post news for the serpentine version.

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Just im seeing if this has advantage over the niw uncluded one in wled. Trying to break the one panel 16 x 16 limit that one seems to give. As in it not allowing bigger than 16x16 to be stored as preset.

Although this tool seems to store the values … image seems not right … and when adding ip address if wled… browers locks up … spinning circle… wait or close situarion… so im not syre whats going on there… oh and some errors were popping up .

It started ok then went bad. Might flush brower and try in again. It has promise

Just tried it on my phone… to capture the error

I have been making a 48x48 matrix and can’t get a reliable recall from preset if I save an image to it at that resolution.
I could get 40x40 to work OK and I think also 44x44.
I can’t remember the error it gave me, I’ll make a note next time I try it.

Sorry about the spilling mistakes up above…type too “fast” somtimes…lol.

Ive uploaded it into wled and call it from there thinking it will be easier as it grab segment values…

In that way it works like their includes pixel art converter.

I will say it does “feel” better to use the magic for sone reaaon im not sure of lol.

Impressed you managed to store more than 16 x 16. It will preview any size but storing it as the preset is the issue.

Also have you figured out the animation element?
…need an empty aah trY to start that mission…

Keep me posted my friend … we all learn together…

Respect .

I’ve only been doing static images because it’s a good starting point, and I probably don’t need animated ones for my use.
I’ve cleared my studio out over the weekend so might be able to test more this evening.


I get a smoother vibe of this…

Let me know what you may have had to do in finesseing this thing lol


Playing with the app this eve i just got exactly whag i wanted jo issue… those errors no longer appear.

Faultless performance…

Currently used a 48x16 and works and stores fine.
Now the animation on the other hand… still headscrathing that.

Got gifs to load in and generate and animate in preview but as far as i got.

So far no luck with a 48x48 based matrix setup.
Have dropped back to a 32x32 matrix and the built in pxmagic works every time ok.
With 48x48 I get a JSON error message.

I’m wondering if the sheer length of code is upsetting the presets. I’ll see if I can save a 48x48 that has very little info/change in it.

Im waiting some panels arriving for the 3x3 matrix grid too. I think maybe a different approach is needed…
Hmm man in shed thinking activated…

You think using a esp32 wouldnt suffer from code leanth issue. Available memery shouldnt play a part as that only 9 frames and ive stored in excess of that alone…
Maybe wled itself needs a mod or tweak?

I’ll do some more experiments this evening with a 48x16 and 48x32 layouts and see how it behaves for me. Worst case I’ll stick with 32x32, but I’d like to go higher.
It should be noted that I’ve had no issues running any of the built in effects on the 48x48 matrix, only static images I’ve loaded and saved as presets.

Have you figuired out the animation element?

I have not had the opportunity to do anything further since my last post unfortunately.

Hey no worries.

Possibly something for this evening. And then depending what what happens I will submit a proper fault report.