In need for diferent output on 4 pins WLED

I have a project with a clock where every digit has its own pin. How can i let the usermod know i want the output of hours on pin 4 and the output of minutes on pin 3?

You can’t. You can set up segments and use those.

Hello @blazoncek and thank you for your answear.

So i tried using this:

But the thing is, it doesn’t affect the pins… i just have to set it manualy in the settings section.

I am using an ESP-WROOM-02DC, and using the FastLed lib, it used to work well.
How and in what file i can use the segments? In app i can only get up to 3 segments and i need at least 4.

Many thanks

You are doing it wrong. Look at other examples in platformio.ini or look up PlatformIO documentation on creating build environment.

Hello @blazoncek and thanks for your answear,
I just found that i can use FastLED lib in the isermod so i can play a little with that.
Just to be sure about the platformio, i tried like this, is this ok? or maybe it still dosent work becouse its an esp8266?

Recommended data pins for ESP8266 are 1, 2 and 3.
Others may work but there were many reports of unstable WLED and frequent crashes.
If you need more than 2 outputs consider ESP32.

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