Esp32 wrom

Newbie here trying to figure out wich pin to use on a 38pin esp with wifi + bluetooth . Installed wled without a problem but not sure what to put in the gpio feild of wled , and then wich pin to use on the controller as it doesn’t have the d2 pin on it .

The pin#'s in WLED are actual GPIO numbers, not necessarily the “d” numbers printed on your board.
If you post a picture of the board you’re using or a link to what you bought, we can probably help you understand which is which.

Those numbers on the back side (looks like a “p” to me are (mostly) the GPIO numbers.

With WLED, I’d start with GPIO16 in the Config->LED Preferences and physically wire your LEDs to “p16”.

Forgot to add this , came with the controller.
I understand there is multiple data outputs that i can use , but don’t know what all the abriviations mean .

If you get into all the things an ESP32 can do (not just WLED) that starts to mean something.
For WLED, stick to the “GPIOs” column.

The other place to read up: ESP32 pinouts

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So basically any giop pin can be used ?

Basically yes, WLED will show the number in red if it’s one that can’t be used / orange if it’s one that it’s best not to use/has specific requirements.

Thank you