Pin Outs - Esp8266

So Wled does a lot!

I was wondering if someone had a pinout for all the things it can do.

WS2811 - Which 3 pins can be used?

PWM - Dump Led strips - believe it can drive 4 channels… which pins?

DMX - out …

Is there somewhere on the wiki that shows this

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I cant find anything in there about pwm strips…

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Sorry, I’m new here. So just for clarification, on this screen…

do the “Pins” fields refer to the physical pin (D2,D3,D4), or the logical pin (GPIO2,GPIO3,GPOI4)?

It’s still not very clear on the wiki page that was referenced.

I’m using WLED v 0.12.0 on an ESP8266 (4M) Amica NodeMCU clone.

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Numbers is GPIOs