How to correctly connect led strip to esp32

Hello. i have this esp board.

Which pin can be used for connecting data-pin from led strip? and which pin need to choose in config?

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Looks like a fairly standard ESP32 based board.

You can choose a wide range of GPIO’s to use.
Checkout: Randomnerds Tutorial for a discussion of what GPIO’s to use and avoid.
From what I recall on that style of board GPIO4 (labelled D4 on your board) is a reasonable choice to get started.
Make sure you configure your WLED->Config-Led Preferences->Hardware Setup to use that pin.

There is no D4 pin.
I have already tries to connect to G16 and G4. Also trying to change pin in WLED->Config-Led Preferences->Hardware Setup from 1 - 32. But still no changes. led strip is not lighting

Any that are green in the chart 1/2 way down the page should work aside from ones that say input only. How do you have your strip & esp32 wired? Drawing or pic would be helpful

G4 will be GPIO4.
Use that and set the Hardware setting to GPIO4 in WLED.

What LED’s are you using?
Make sure you have common ground between your LED power lines and your ESP32 power.
Make sure you’re feeding the data from the ESP32 to the LED Din.

Problem solved. It was my bad.I have connected the led strip against the direction of the arrow)