Information about the battery charge on the display OLED 128x32

Hi, I want to add battery information to the screen in usermod_four_line_display, is there someone here who can help me?

I’m also planning to develop a usermod to add WLED support for LTC2941.
Which IC are you using for battery fuel gauge?

Best way to go about it is to create a font with battery charge level (4 characters) and then tap into 4LD from battery usermod in a similar way as Rotary encoder does.

@benji did fonts for recent ALT usermod.

I can provide the battery fuel gauge icon(font) library for your usermod. Try to get it working with some random icons in its place from the already provided u8x8 library source code.

I am using a resistor divider for measuring my battery :smiley:

bat+ ___ 10k ___ pin33 ___ 10k ____ bat-

int b = analogRead(33);

For the ESP32, fully charged 4.2v battery is:
X=(4.2*(4096/2))/3.3= 2606,55

I am using Wemos D1 mini pin A0 and 10k resistor. Info it battery displaying in program mark INFO, but I want this info displaying in my oled display 128x32 through usermod 4LD_ALT

I said above: update battery usermod

In usermod battery info about battery displaying in MQQT. In code I not see information how display info battery on oled display.

I want to percentage charge was displayed instead of these icons

you have to ADD the code (to update display) to battery usermod.
as I said use Rotary encoder as a reference

I’m not a developer, so I don’t know how to write code for this feature. Maybe there is someone here who can do it. If so, you can contact me, if it takes a long time, I can pay for your work.

Have you seen the Battery Status Usermod?

Might have some good reference info and/or you could probably reach the author for more tips.

Yes, I saw it, but I’m not a developer, and I’m unlikely to do such a difficult job. There you can just take the information about the battery and in the video show the percentage on the