Battery status

I try to use the battery status and followed the instruction… 1 line… added #define USERMOD_BATTERY_STATUS_BASIC in the my_config.h in the wled00 folder than it should work or am i wrong… i tryed several thing but noting work… what happens when i put in the line and build and flash , after flashing the board resets as expect but never start up or turn on… only thing i see is 1 led on my strip is bleu…

can sombody piont me the right direction.

remove that line first and try to get it working without the usermod first

I was able to add the usermod, connected a 100k resistor between pin32 and the positive side on the battery however in the UI it shows battery 100% at 4.2V when in fact the battery is down to 3.6V. What am I doing wrong here?

Mine is also not precice but a lot better since i use a voltage divider.

I just tried on d1mini and it’s rather accurate 0.3v. Are you able to share you voltage divider setup as in what value are you using for the resistors?

Hello, is it possible to somehow display the battery indication on the display?