Wemos d1 v4 gpio pinout

Hi guys im total newbie. I have a d1 mini v4. and i flashed wled via install.wled.me. When i go to the preferences everyone says use d4/ gpio 2 for data. My board doesnt have d4 marked in the back as you can see on this picture. So im using the pin identified as 2 and left gpio 2 in the pref . I still can not control the lights. Just putting usb power to the d1 lights up 4 leds out of 50 (first 2, then the 4th, then nothing until the 30th and did put 50 in the lenght in pref). The ones that are lit can not be controlled at all either. When i press the power button from the app or the web interfce only the boards led turns on/off but not the strip lights. I have no idea how to troubleshoot or next steps any ideas?
12-30-2022 7-32-45 PM

You may have incorrectly connected the strip.

in which way? do you mean the data cable to the gpios? which port on this board would you use?

Did you check the knowledge base? Getting started?

Each digital strip has an orientation, marked by a little arrow/triangle printed on the strip.