Battery, invalid V

Where am I doing wrong? lipo on pin 35, lolin32, moonmod 0.14.0-b2 Xl

Same issue here, with a Lolin Wemos C3 Pico and a 1000mah LIPO.
Bridged the battery status for GPIO 3.
Battery level also shows 95%, Invalid V.

Build 2303240, env ESP32-C3 v4.4.2 (0)

usermod options:


Sim issue with battery usermod here with MM_XL on an esp32-wroom-32u running v0.14.0-b15.21 “Lupo”

invalid %
invalid V

I got a 100k resister from the battery + to pin 35 as outlined in the mm guide Usermod Battery - WLED MoonModules Project

It’s such a killer feature just wish I could figure it out…

It does work , try another build not the XL or try other ADC pins

If you tried other build and pins and it did not work then post a clear pic of your MCU might be we have the same

Also having the same issue on a modified vanilla Hoshi build. Tried GPIO pins 32 & 35: no difference there
Forgive my fire hazard special assembly