Initial load config (and/or presets)

Hi there!

I’m new with WLED and I’m very suprised with the power of this project. I come from ESPixelStick and I’ve made many projects (major controlled from DMX/E131).

In ESPixelStick there are a ESP flasher which let to put some initial configs (mainly to wifi settings), which helps when you want to make a set of devices to work in the same net.

With that plenty of options in WLED, is there a way to load initial settings to the boards? I’ve not found any option to load settings, except this commit in github. Could be great to load some initial or general settings to all boards (in flashing process or thru web interface).


this should become possible, once we use SPIFFs for storing the config(s). see

in the meantime you may dump a preconfigured devices firmware and clone it to another device. see Question: How to migrate settings to another wled

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Thanks pille!!

It seemed strange to me, because ESPixelStick uses SPIFFS yet, but I supose it’s more complicated migrate all WLED functions to this. By the moment, memory dump seems a good workaround. A future FS and well done config format could even speed config by the edit of cfg file in text editor (or something else) and write to memory :ok_hand:t2: