Instances don't sync on reboot

Good day everyone, been enjoying WLED for a couple of years now…love it :slight_smile:

I have 5 separate WLED instances - each about 200 LEDs, ESP32s, V13.0b4, all on same subnet and UDP port. I named one instance to be ‘Master’ and set it up using the sync button so the other 4 ‘slaves’ take the sync signal from Master and the patterns are replicated across all instances. Therefore, the user only has to control Master and the other 4 sync from that Master. That works fine, no problems whatsoever when running.

However, when one of the 4 slaves is rebooted (they are not all on the same source power switch) then that one slave instance returns to it’s default setting, which is not what I want. I want the rebooted slave to sync back with the Master and carry on as it was before reboot. Reading the wiki it seems that the Master only sends a sync when it’s own pattern changes and there seems no way to set a ‘slave’ to check for a ‘master’ on boot. Looking thru Macros it seems I could set a periodic refresh at specific times, but there’s no cron type functionality whereby I could say ‘send UDP packet every 5 mins’ so that the newly rebooted slave will pick up the new sync after max 5 mins - which would be OK.

Have I missed something?

Thanks in advance anyone

As you already stated, it only sends out udp notifications on change. I’m just shooting from the hip here and maybe Blazoncek or AirCookie will have a better idea, but I’m thinking playlists on a timer may be your answer.

I’d make a preset that sets something that you’re not likely to change (IX=128) then play that on repeat, maybe every 5 minutes in a playlist. Every time that repeats, it will make the other nodes sync up if they were rebooted.

The problem is that when you change a setting on the master, it will distribute those changes to the other nodes, but it will also stop the playlist. So you would need a timer to restart the playlist every hour when you normally have your lights on.

Tks a lot for the suggestions but the problem with using presets is that this user likes to make many small changes to the patterns on the go. She’s adjusting them all the time! What happens then is that someone else kills the power on one of them and she has to then make a small change in the Master to get the now rebooted slave back in sync with the lastest pattern she set on the master

Thinking aloud - a simple ‘restore last state on reboot’ checkbox would solve this problem for me. Unless anyone else can come up with a solution I guess I’ll make a feature request. It seems to me like a functionality that would be widely welcomed.

Anyone else interested in this?


If your “customer” (family member?) is ok with a PC occasionally taking a backup of the Master, pinging the sync’d instances (formerly known as slaves I hear) to verify all are online, and upon a repeated ping failure followed by a ping response then send the proper configuration backed up from the master to that sync’d instance that just came online, you get what you want.

It’s just a few curl commands, tiny bit of shell scripting, and cron jobs that repeatedly run. For windows, it’s task scheduler, cmd scripting and curl, or with the windows linux shell installed, it’s the same as doing it from a RPi.

There already is a user mod for that called autosave. I’ve heard concern that the continuous writing to flash will wear it out.