Last LEDs ignored when activating preset

Dear community,

For the past few months I have been enjoying my WLED setup. It consists of a single strip and an ESP82666 controller. I have set up segments in my presets.

Yesterday, I wanted to move the last part of the strip. I carefully removed it and placed it somewhere else. After this, the last few LEDs of this part of the strip did not respond to WLED anymore. The first thing I suspected was that I had damaged the strip at that spot.

However, I don’t think that is the case.

Because at first, it worked normally. I could set colours, effects etc. But when I used any preset, the last few LEDs would listen normally. But when I do anything else after that, these last LEDs stay in the preset that was set. Even turning WLED off through the app does not work (except when the Relay is turned on, but then it is visible that the last LEDs just shut off, and not gradually anymore). When completely cutting power to the controller and turning it on again, the LEDs work normally, untill I use a preset again.

Also, the LEDs don’t show other behaviour that may indicate that they’re damaged. Something like flickering, wrong colours et cetera.

So, the symptoms make it seem like a software issue; but the cause (moving the strip) indicates damage to the strip.

So my question is: how can I test what the problem is? My resources are quite limited (although next week I will be able to get some more tools like a multimeter).

Update; after some troubleshooting I figured the best I could do is cut out the two LEDs where the connection ‘broke’. It seems to work. What I think happened was that the power lines were working, but the data line was corrupted. I forgot that when there’s no data incoming, that the LED is keeping the old state, which explains the behaviour I was dealing with.