Led maps?

Hi all .

I have a question…

I have ws2812 led matrix panels arranged in a square. Im placing it into a picture frame. So to hang it conventionally. But to give it a “better” look i thought hanging it on the tilt would be better. Like hanging it from the corner. 45 deg.

But i wish to retain the horizontal level for scrolling txt etc…

First of all is this possible and if so …plllllleeeeesssssseeeee explain how…

And the “prompt” for me is explaining as a 5th grader lol. Ai joke their ! No ? …lol…basically keep it as simple as please…

Secondary minor thought… could a “panel rotation” option not be implemented into wled itself?
As a 2D panel set-up option
Option window rotation then value in degrees 0-359?

Like i said just a see a need fill a need moment…

sadly ive no expertise for these matters… the idea guy thats me lol… aint we all. Lol. But respect to the authors and all who involved for making this software. Brilliant.


I just tried few basic maps by numbering the leds as listed in the pictures and i can get few of the 1D effects to follow the 45 deg ( android , chase …etc ) , this would not work for 2D effects as with all my other maps they do not work with 2D effects . Might be you could experiment with other maps but i do not think it is possible on the easy side for 2D effects . Ledmap example attached

Cyberdine_ledmap1.json.txt (1016 Bytes)

Thank you my kind sir… I realise it maybe a challenge… maybe nobody needed such an adjustment before… but it would liberate many a design flare…

Thanks for you hard work… I will try and use your suggestion see how it flows… but 2D !!! so close… lol

This was now done with ledmaps and we can get the effects to follow 45 degree
Link to demo and how to do that here in discord 2d channel