LED Cube Settings

Hey guys,

I seen on a youtube post that WLED has some cube matrix aware settings.

Is this correct?

Or, if you are running a cube, what settings worked best, in terms of layout ect?


Poke at this for examples Discord

Awesome :slight_smile:

Thank you for that!


I’m new here, and I found this project some days ago and is awesome for me old LED Cube (8x8x6), and then right now is working very well, but I want add some features more. Meanwhile I leave here my config and presets.


Config and presets:

Cube LED 8x8x6 Github repository

Very nice build and excellent documentation , have you tried to use it as one big matrix

or even go further and make a funky ledmap for it

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This is what I want to work out for mine. At the moment I have a segment for each panel. But its a pain to set up :frowning:

Yes true , unfortunately I only made 3 side cubes ( cause it is less cost and 3 sides are only visible ) , did you experiment with something like this or other combination and only one segment

My setup for the same 3 side 8x8x8 cube is like below and works really well even without ledmap for 2d effects

Please test a bit more and i am very much sure you will be able to get the 2D effects to work at least for the sides facing you

So maybe I can apply to one side and to the other kinda thing.

But I dont know how to apply the files. Is there instructions somewhere?

Thanks, your Cube is very big :slight_smile: No yet, I’m going to try this 2D config suggestion. Thanks!

FYI: I can’t open the discord group…

You can join discord here WLED

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