LED Matrix Enclosures

I’ve seen quite a few 8x32 LED enclosures for Matrixes that use WLED and ESP32s, But I could never find the perfect one, so I decided to build my own. I hope anyone using 8x32 LED Matrixes with WLED find this helpful, I posted the creation to Thingiverse so it’s a free download. I also posted a video on my thoughts and the build process. Feedback welcomed.

Creation Video: https://youtu.be/OXcqrGzZyhE?si=qL16qLup_z0jW9Un

Thingiverse: 8x32 LED Matrix Diffuser Enclosure by MyBritishComputerGuy - Thingiverse


Thanks for sharing, this is just what I was looking for. Now I need to badger my buddy into fixing his 3d printer.

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I hope he’s able to fix it!

I have a feeling I’ll buy one before he does… For him, the printer is the hobby if you know what I mean, hehe.