Made a matrix. How did I do?

It has been on my fun, but not very useful (to me) things to do project list for a wile now. And the advent of the cheap eco ws2812 led made it cost approved. I wanted to do a apa102’s LED matrix’s, but they are about five times the cost.

How did I do?

Made with:

esp32 devkit c v4

74AHCT125 Levelshifter with all four outputs used.

4 x 8x32 eco ws2812 panels.

1 x 5v 900Ma power supply for main board.

1 x 5v 60a power supply for leds. With relay control, for AC on/off.

All wiring is a gauge or two larger then needed to be. And all fused, 5a automotive fuses for led power and a 6a glass fuse for AC.

And a INMP441 Microphone for a fun audio reactive matrix, packed in cotton to reduce power supply fan noise, when it’s on.

And WLED 0.14.0-b6 Is running great with it. Thanks WLED Dev’s for the inspiration.


Looks good. Nice work.

Thank you.
I found your reply to be very serendipitous as I just figured out how to work with the Jinx matrix software.


Amazing Work you’ve done.

How about the power management?

Thank you.

Power management, Did you mean.

There is no running esp32 power management on WLED it’s self as far as sleep mode. Is that even a thing I’m new to?


Powering the whole thing is done with two power supply’s. One always powered on and just to power the esp32 and components. And one just for led power. That supply is controlled via WLED relay management and the relay switch’s the AC power to led supply only.

Every power injection point on each of the panel’s is being feed with 16 gauge wire. three on each panel, twelve injection points total.

Power is coming from a 100a rated fuse bar, w 5a fuse’s to each feed. The fuse bar it’s self is feed by two 12 gauge wires on each pole, four total.

Haha. I’m not that ‘Jinx’ :yum: I actually registered with the name before I knew about the Jinx program. It’s my dog’s name. He was born on Halloween. :wink:

Jinx is a neat program though.

I kind of figured that.
Just thought in was a cool coincidence.

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