Control of very large matrix 7,168 LEDs

I’m building a large matrix made up of 28 16x16 panels and while I have a test setup working correctly across 4 ESP32s I’m just wondering if there is a better approach.

I plan to setup a single ESP32 to be the master with 3 more ESP32s setup to be controlled using the DDP RGB (network) option. Each ESP32 will use 4 GPIO outputs to run 2,048 LEDs across 8 panels.

In my testing across 4 ESP32s with one panel per board it worked well but animations do occasionally glitch most likely due to network errors.

I’m just wondering if there is a better way to get 4 ESP32s to talk to each other? I have checked the documentation and this doesn’t seem to be the case. A hard wired solution with no network traffic would be best but I’m pretty sure this isn’t an option in WLED.

Hey, Im curious of your progress. I’m doing something similar with 9K+ coded LED’s (actually has around 3600 but its an irregular matrix) and am at the point where I just need to get the software side figured out. Do you notice any lag in the animations between the 3 ESP32’s? Can you describe the glitches you see?

I got it working but on a smaller scale, the performance is terrrible. I’m still researching better alternatives.